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Destination Meets was recently formed by Debbie Wood who has been coordinating gymnastics competitions for over 15 years.  Traveling for years with her own gymnast daughter, Debbie had the vision to make the competition more than just a well-run meet, but a weekend also centered around activities that the entire family could enjoy.


Destination Meets has a great working relationship with a variety of attractions...  from local skating rinks to miniature golf courses to larger attractions such as Ripley's and Imax theatres - offering each gymnast either free admission or greatly reduced prices. 

Destination Meets also works closely with a variety of local restaurants to provide discount coupons for the families throughout the weekend.

Destination Meets considers distance of travel, age of athletes and other factors when planning length of sessions and session times.  No schedule will be perfect for every coach or family, but early contact with the gyms attending is always made to help keep each competition running smoothly.

Looking for a great competition that offers a whole lot more???

Destination Meets Is Your Answer!